Take your time reading and studying our Code of Honor

The Code of HonorEdit

"The bounty is the sole operation of the mission We finish the mission at all costs We get bounties only from links in the Sith Empire We defend our brethren We do not betray our brethren.

- The Code of Honor (Our Admin / Neeko Kenobi)

About the Code of HonorEdit

"The Code of Honor was created to give Bounty Hunters a reason to their alliance. In this case, our Guild. You want trust, don't you?"

- Neeko Kenobi

The Code of Honor was created so Bounty Hunters have something to follow by. We don't want Bounty Hunters running around giving our guild a bad name, would you want that?

We created our Code of Honor also to give us something to follow through with during game-play and PvP.

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